Why You Should Let A Professional Handle Your Cork Flooring Installation

Getting Cork Flooring

It pays to go to a certified expert when it comes to major home improvements, and cork flooring installation is no exception.

A cork flooring would be a great choice for you. It’s extremely beautiful and adds so much character to your home. Cork is among the most durable materials you can find on the market and with proper care, it would last years. It has to be properly sealed, that’s why you have to let a professional do the installation for you.

Installation Should Be Left To The Expert

Like most wood material, cork is vulnerable to moisture and water. For cork flooring, special sealants should be used to ensure water is prevented from seeping into the cork. Installing the special sealant under the cork flooring is also essential to ensure that your flooring remains dry at all times. It’s easy to get confused over which to choose from a lot of brands of sealants, so getting a professional would ensure that the right one would be used for your flooring.  

By hiring an expert, the proper installation of your new floors is already assured. You will end up with beautiful and durable cork floors. You even get to have valuable advice on the proper care of your new floors. Most of all, you get to avoid mistakes that would cost so much to fix. You won’t have to worry much about moisture or even water damage.

Good suppliers will provide you with options and insight into what to expect from the different flooring options they offer. For example, if you contact a Melbourne cork flooring supplier, ask about the options they have for you, as well as an advice on which type of flooring is right for your abode. They can even explain to you how the sealant can protect your floors.

For laminate flooring over cork, check if the laminate has been treated properly and sealed; this is to ensure that the flooring won’t decay over time. Hiring supplier of cork flooring who also offers laminate floor installation is essential, especially when you intend to install wooden or laminate floors over cork.  

For Maintenance

Image Source: Pixabay

We all want to make sure we get to enjoy our flooring over many years to come. Like any other type of flooring, cork floors need to be maintained properly to prevent cracking and warping. Cleaning your floor regularly will help delay the wearing out of cork. Using the right flooring sealant also helps in making sure your cork flooring stays in great condition.

There are different types of floors to choose from on the market, and your flooring supplier will help you pick the right one for your home. Aside from deciding on whether you should get cork or not, you also have to consider which grade of cork would be for you. When your old floors require a lot of work, such as removing old and worn carpet and wood, it is best to find yourself a professional to get your new floors installed.

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