The Perfect Morning Routine (Self-Proclaimed, Proceed With A Grain of Salt)

Bad morning routines happen at a young age, back when we didn’t care about it and complained about having to wake up early for school. When you turn into an adult, you start to realise that you should’ve been a lot healthier and mindful because it’s hard to break a bad habit at an older age.

When you are an adult, you have responsibilities and diet worries. We can’t afford to sleep in and just settle for a cup of coffee or milk anymore. Even if you justify it by eating a piece of toast to go with it, it’s still not enough to get you through the day.

You need a proper morning routine.

Drink a full glass of water

When you sleep, you will sweat whether you like or not. It’s important to hydrate yourself as soon as you wake up. Drink a cold glass of mineral water before you go to the bathroom. This should be the first thing you do and nothing else.

Coffee or tea?

Of course you shouldn’t even be anywhere near anything as soon as you wake up and haven’t had you coffee first. An alternative is tea, as it is cleansing and honestly healthier to chug down. To wake you up right away, drink ginger tea. It will unclog any swelling in your throat that occurs during sleep.

Stretching exercise

You stretch after waking up, right? When we sleep, our bodies aren’t doing much aside from twisting and turning here and there. You need to stretch it when you’re up to get rid of stiffness. I do this in between my sips of tea.

A full and meaty breakfast

Protein. Studies show that eating a big and meaty breakfast can aid in weight loss. This is mostly because of the protein that gives you a lot of energy for the day and making you feel full, which dissuades you from overeating. So make sure you don’t skip this! Skipping breakfast not only makes you feel lethargic and weak, but also very moody.

Brush your teeth

A given. No one leaves their home without brushing their teeth (hopefully). Plus, having a clean mouth makes us feel just a bit better after suffering bad morning breath the entire morning. Make sure that you brush your teeth for 3 minutes, okay? It’s the standard.

A bath

Be hygienic. It will make you feel ten times better. For that matter, take a cold one. Yes, it is uncomfortable, but it kills procrastination. You’ve got the energy packed into your body after your hefty breakfast. Don’t waste it away by being lazy. So take a cold bath and clean yourself.

Read something funny in the morning

The one thing I notice is that one little thing in the morning can decide what mood you are going to be for the entire day. If it starts off with an argument, you are going to be irritable for the rest of the day. If there is something sad that happened, it will affect your day. Manipulate your mood by being in a pleasant mood for the whole day. My technique is to read a funny fanfiction every morning so I laugh. Laughing in the morning, when it’s supposed to be a time to be miserable (because most of us aren’t morning people), can do wonders for your mood and confidence. Plus, reading gives you a little bit of inspiration for the day.

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