The Different Shower Enclosures You Can Get For Your Bathroom

When choosing what type of shower enclosure to use in a bathroom, you should first consider how you plan to use it and whether it is solely for your own use or you will be sharing the bathroom with the entire family.

If you are going for a shower enclosure and space-saving vanity unit, then you’ll obviously want to purchase the most compact unit you can afford. This will also allow you to save on space in your bathroom, which is especially useful if you have a small bathroom. There are at least three types of shower enclosures: framed, semi-framed, and frameless.

Framed Showers

With framed showers, each piece of glass enclosing the shower area is surrounded by a metal frame. The frame also surrounds the door. Framed shower enclosures are great for traditional bathrooms because they will give a nice finished look. The glass inserts are often frosted so you can create the effect of either privacy or light.

Frameless Showers

They may look like the most modern of the three options. They come in sleek and clean lines and are effective in showcasing stunning tile work as well as in making a small space look bigger, as the visual space is not obstructed. They’re installed with special-purpose hardware clamps. They either have a bypass or a pivot-style door. Frameless showers allow you to keep and make the most of the look of the glass even after the installation of the tray.

Semi-Framed Showers

They are hybrids of both framed and frameless showers. Slightly sleeker than fully framed ones, semi-framed showers contain a metal frame that surrounds the structure, albeit not around the entire door. The frameless part is the section on the door handle as well as across the top of the door.

Other Things To Add

Image Source: Pixabay

When it comes to the style of shower enclosure you need to choose, there are numerous options available, and even more things you can add to space, including:

a. Tubs

Tubs are a popular choice for shower enclosures and because of their wide appeal, they tend to be quite cheap. The downside, however, is that you’re limited to either a single shower stall or a two-stall tub. Tubs are ideal for small bathrooms because they take up very little space. You won’t go wrong with a two-tub enclosure if you’re looking for a simple and effective solution for small bathrooms.

b. Bi-Fold Tubs

Bi-fold tubs are another very popular choice for shower enclosures and these take up a significantly larger space than the average tub. The bi-fold consists of two panels that are attached together. This design also offers a lot of conveniences because it leaves plenty of space in the centre of the enclosure, allowing you to walk around without cluttering up the area. This type of enclosure and space-saving vanity unit is ideal for many bathrooms, because of its size and versatility.


A walk-in shower enclosure is an attractive and convenient type of shower enclosure for people who don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to a showering area. These shower enclosures have a door on the side, which opens up into a walk-in tray where you can lay your body and/or towels. This type of shower enclosure and space-saving vanity unit is ideal for both men and women, as it provides a clean, organised look.

No matter what type of shower enclosure you choose, make sure you measure carefully so you get an enclosure that fits in the space available. A visit to a bathroom showroom Egham or your location has is a great way to see and try the different enclosures before actually buying one and getting it installed in your bathroom.

Some standard options include rectangular units, oval-shaped units, and cuboid-shaped units. If you have an unusually shaped bathroom, you might want to go for a custom-made shower enclosure, which may be made from special glass or polycarbonate. Finally, before purchasing your enclosure, it is important to consider whether it is necessary to install a liner. Sometimes, installing a liner is all that is required in order to prevent water damage.

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