Tips On How To Brighten Up Your Home

Here’s a helpful tip: why not make your room brighter?

If you’ve been mulling over and over again about how you want your interior to change because you’re tired of looking at the same house all the time, then it’s time for you to actually do something about it. And rather than go through painstaking lengths to redecorate absolutely EVERYTHING, we ask you to calm down. Just make the place brighter.

Yes, sounds like an obvious choice now, doesn’t it? You would be surprised just how different the room would look with a change of a single light bulb. Now you have to go the mile and make the rest be lighter too.

And here is how you do that.

Light-coloured furniture

Enough with dark-coloured furniture. Replace all of them with ones that have a lighter colour, like white. Mostly white. Obviously this colour would brighten up the entire place. And if you aren’t a fan of too much white, then maybe go for off-whites instead.

No tall items near the window

Don’t let natural light from the window get blocked. Move whatever it is that’s blocking it and place it somewhere else. The window shouldn’t have anything on it aside from sheer curtains.

Sheer, white curtains

Yes, these curtains. They don’t block the light from the window but still provide a decent amount of privacy if needed.

Mirrors and more mirrors

Mirror don’t just give off a brighter and lighter appearance to a home. They also give off an illusion that the room is bigger. And you can check yourself out a bunch of times too so, bonus.

White paint (or pastel colours, those work too)

Yes, white paint certainly is one colour that will make everything much brighter. But sometimes too much white is too intimidating and unwelcome. You can use it but add some other colours as well. I suggest some pastel colours to not only brighten up the house, but also give off a nice, homey feel.


Do this often, won’t you? Most of the time, the reason why the room even looks dark and dreary in the first place is because of the amount of dirty and dust that have housed the place. Cleaning often is not only a great excuse to not do anything else but also a great exercise.

White light bulbs

Get rid of the light fixtures that give out a yellow-ish light. They make everything darker and ominous. Also, it isn’t the eighties anymore. We have real white light nowadays and they’re amazing. The greatest thing about them is that they don’t hurt your eyes!

Indoor plants

My favourite part of the whole room-brightening thing. Plants are colourful and the green to them makes us think we’re outside. It’s refreshing and decreases stress. Also, plants give us the oxygen we need to breathe. They are the greatest source of it, plus they can brighten up any room.

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