A Guide To The Various Types Of Patio Paving Slabs

Patio Paving Slabs

If your back garden leaves a lot to be desired and you are looking to create a perfect shaded terrace on which to sit back and enjoy the summer, there is a lot to consider. The majority of homeowners prefer some form of paving for the terrace; if we had an Australian climate, for example, timber decking would be fine, yet paving slabs are a good all-round choice and with that in mind, here are a few of the paving slab types that you can buy today.

Natural Paving Slabs

If you prefer hi-end, there are quite a few stones that are formed into paving slabs:

  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Slate

When looking for paving slabs in Ipswich, there is a local supplier with a wide range of natural and man-made paving slabs that are ideal for a patio. You can order sand, cement and other materials from a single online supplier, making it easy to plan the project, plus they are happy to advise on any aspect of exterior renovations. Prices may vary considerably and if you crunch the numbers and come up with a total budget, you can choose pavers online and have them delivered. If you want hard-wearing stone, granite takes a lot of beating, and while it might be expensive, you have a permanent flooring solution that will stand the test of time.


A very popular choice, porcelain is ideal in many ways, with stunning natural patterns and a frost-resistant surface, which is very important. If you would like to view stunning porcelain paving slabs, Google is your best friend and will help you locate a local supplier of building materials.

Man-Made Paving Slabs

If you are an eco-friendly homeowner with a limited budget, pressed concrete slabs come in many designs and they are durable and easy to clean. This is a cheaper option than natural stone paving slabs and there are many different designs to choose from, especially when you order from the online supplier. If you have yet to tackle such a project, it might be best to call in a local landscape contractor, who can design and build the perfect terrace to your specifications.

Create A Solid Base

Whether using natural stone or man-made slabs, you need a solid foundation, which should be formed with timber and be at least 6 inches deep, with rubble and stones at the bottom. Ready-mixed concrete can be ordered online and once the material has set, you are ready to lay your paving slabs.

Online Inspiration

If you are carrying out the work yourself, there are many YouTube videos on building a patio, plus a wealth of free resources online to ensure that the project is a success. Make a list of all the tools and materials you will need and order a small skip for the waste generated and with a dry long weekend, your new patio is ready for summer.

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