The Benefits Of Installing A Dashcam When Driving In Thailand

The Benefits Of Installing A Dashcam When Driving In Thailand

We all know what a dashcam is and if you were thinking it’s a flashy add-on, think again, as a dashcam provides crucial evidence in the event of an accident, as the device records when you are driving. When a driver is involved in a collision, sometimes, it is clear who is at fault and the negligent driver contacts their car insurance provider, who sends a motorcyclist to take photos of the scene and the vehicle damage caused. With a few signatures, that’s pretty much the end of the matter.

Driver Disputes

This is when you are very happy you went ahead and installed a state-of-the-art dashcam, as the footage will clearly show what happened. When there is a difference of opinion as to how the accident happened, the dashcam footage can usually settle any disagreement. If it is a serious accident, the dashcam evidence could be a critical factor and the latest versions are hi-res and cover a wide range of vision of the approaching road. Then there is the possibility that a driver might ‘gain the policeman’s favour’ asking them to believe their version of events rather than yours. Simply put, dashcam footage eliminates the chances of that happening and for the little it costs to have the latest version of dashcam fitted, it is a worthwhile investment.

Best Car Insurance

Of course, you want to place your trust in an insurer that recognises the validity of dashcam footage, check out the great package on Class 3 car insurance prices (or ประกัน ชั้น 3 ราคา in Thai) from a leading insurance provider. The 3+ policy is perfect for the experienced driver and owners of older vehicles, which actually covers your own vehicle with repairs, as well as 3rd party vehicles. The policy also covers medical expenses for the driver and any passengers, with extended payments in the case of permanent disability.

Quick Settlement

When you have a video recording of an accident, that pretty much says it all and the claim is processed; no need to collect witness statements or wait for a police report, as the insurer can see what happened. The sooner our claim is processed, the quicker we can repair the car. When looking at car insurance, Google is your best friend and comparing is a breeze.

Peace Of Mind

Once your dashcam is installed and configured (easy), you have peace of mind, knowing all the action is being recorded and in the unlikely event you do have a minor collision, check the dashcam to review how it occurred.

If you would like to order a dashcam for your car, search online and you will find a supplier of a quality unit that comes with full installation instructions and a fixing kit. If you’re not so good with your hands, ask your local car sound system store to fit the unit and from then on, you are covered regarding any conflict when an accident happens.

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