Baby Shower Tips In The Digital Age

Baby Shower Tips In The Digital Age

The modern world has made things more convenient for a lot of things, including planning a baby shower. These days we have the luxury of utilising the services of an event planner to make the party less stressful for us and more memorable and entertaining for both the expecting parents and the guests. If not an event planner, there are checklists and tips we can find online to help us organise a successful baby shower. In this article, we will look at some of the benefits of using an online service for planning your baby shower.

Pre-Written Card Ideas

One of the most common baby shower invitations and card ideas is to include a short poem or phrase that expresses your gratitude to your guests for attending. The great thing about utilising these pre-written words is that they can be later included on the actual event’s cards. One of the major benefits of using a pre-written word or phrase is that it eliminates the need for you to write or type anything yourself. Another major benefit is that it makes addressing the envelopes for your guests much easier. If you’d like a more elaborate version of a baby shower card, there are a plethora of websites on the Internet that offer various wordings and layouts for free.

Delegating Responsibilities

One of the most important baby shower tips is to ensure that you don’t have to appoint someone to be physically in charge of distributing the invites. This is simply because it takes a lot of work to mail out dozens of invitations. By delegating the responsibility to an online service, you eliminate the stress that comes with mailing hundreds of invitations in a short period of time. You can even send all the invitations yourself through email.

In general, baby shower invitations are expected to include a detailed RSVP list. This list should include a phone number to call for confirmation. In addition, guests who request to speak with a planner directly should be included on the RSVP list.

Consider Holding An Online Party Instead

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When it can be physically impossible to gather everyone you love in one place to celebrate this precious moment with you, the internet has the solution for you. You can schedule a video call among your closest friends and family members instead. The most important thing is to be able to see the people closest to you and feel their joy, support and excitement. As for gifts, the guests can always buy baby gift hampers online and have those delivered to your doorstep.

An online celebration also lessens chances of nosy relatives who tend to ask questions about certain people in attendance. Although it is nice to catch up with an old friend or family member who lives far away, the celebration could be marred with a relative getting pissed off by inappropriate or insensitive questions. With the limitations of a video call, most people in attendance would be more focused on the moment, on what everyone should be celebrating.

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