A Guide To Purchasing Building Materials For Your Next Home Improvement Projects

Buying From A Builders Merchant

If you have decided to take on your next home improvement project and save a lot of money, you are not alone. Many homeowners turn to DIY solutions when improving their living space. While ordering the building materials would normally be the job of the local builder, if you are going down the DIY road, then this is something for your local builders’ merchant.

Free Delivery

If you are ordering a ton of sand and a dozen bags of cement, you want this to be delivered at the right time. You also need to clarify whether or not delivery is included in the price. It might be that the supplier will deliver for free if the order is above a specified amount. If you’re ordering online, the builders’ merchant would indicate on their website if they offer free delivery.

Online Ordering

The last thing you want to do is have to drive to a builders supply shop and order your materials. There will be cases wherein an item you’re looking for isn’t available, so you would have to head over to the next store. With online solutions, you can make a list and order everything for your project in a single online transaction, then the goods would be delivered as agreed. The supplier would have numerous online payment gateways and their website would be secure, so you can give your financial data.

Regular Customer Discount

As with most suppliers, when you are regularly ordering materials, you would likely be offered a discount and that would add up over the years, with the many projects you have planned. Once you have a working relationship with your local building materials supplier, you can always ask for their advice, which they would be happy to give.

Support Local Businesses

Of course, when you live in a community, you do want to support local, family-run businesses and wherever you live, you are most likely never far from a builders merchant. If you did contract the work out to a local builder, this is where he would source the materials, which would be delivered to the site. If, for example, you are looking for building supplies Colchester has, you should order from a local builders merchant to help support local businesses.

Even if you’re outside the UK, finding a local builders merchants in your area should be easy using Google search. It’s likely that there will be quite a few builders merchants in your area and using the Internet, you can quickly discover who is offering the best deals and place your order. This type of company also stocks a wide range of hand and power tools and may even hire out equipment on a daily basis, such as Bobcats and mini-diggers. Chances are, the owner would be a local family and handing them your business is good for the community.

Perhaps the best way to choose a supplier is to visit each of the local builders’ merchants for a chat, then you can make an informed decision as to which business offers the most. This will be an important connection for you, as they can supply you when you decide on a new project and with trade prices, you can’t really go wrong.

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