Tips For Warehouse Gate Design

Selecting The Best Gate For Your Warehouse

Security is always at the forefront of a business owner’s mind and for good reason. A warehouse full of valuable stock is an attractive prospect for thieves and when it comes to designing security gates, a professional approach is required. Of course, automated solutions are preferred and ideally, you want the new gates to merge with your existing security systems.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right configuration:

  • Call In The Industry Experts – There aren’t that many companies that provide a custom commercial gate service and a Google search would be the best way to locate a company that specialises in industrial automatic sliding gates. There are many aspects that might influence gate design and your needs are assessed during an initial customer survey carried out by the gate manufacturer.
  • Sliding Configuration – This is ideal for most environments, which doesn’t require any space for the gates to open. Depending on the size of the entrance, a single unit gate would be preferred, while you might require several entrances to separate commercial deliveries from employees and visitors. All options should be explored; the gate supplier would have a wealth of experience and their in-house design team love a challenge and can design a system that is efficient and secure.
  • Consult With Security – Those who work at the point of access should be consulted when it comes to designing electric wrought iron driveway gates, for example; features that assist can be installed, while there are several automated access solutions; vehicle sensors, swipe-cards and keypad access are all on the menu. A 24/7 situation would require that all 3 security shifts are consulted, as each might have slightly different needs.
  • On-Site Survey – When you make an enquiry with a custom commercial gate supplier, the first step would be an on-site needs assessment, which would be free and without obligation. With this data, the gate company can create a design that they feel best meets your needs and if this is agreeable to you, extra features can be discussed.
  • Vehicle Sensors – This tech is a game changer, allowing access to authorised vehicles and that cuts down the work for manned security, who no longer have to raise and lower barriers. Barriers can be used in conjunction with sliding gates (when they are open, the barrier takes over) and for many businesses, this is the best access option.
  • Back Up Power – It is possible to have a set of batteries that take over in the event of a power outage, which might be essential for larger facilities. Having an uninterrupted power supply system ensures the gates are always operational.
  • Wireless Communication – It is possible for you to have a direct audio-video connection with your facility entrance and with a base station, you can have as many sub-stations as you wish.

By factoring in all of the above, your new automated warehouse gates will optimise security and make the best use of digital technology to provide a comprehensive access solution. Search online for a custom gate company and let them design the perfect commercial gates for your warehouse.

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