Some Tips On Catching Trevally

How To Catch Trevally

Catching a giant trevally is not that hard if you know how. If you follow these tips, you can catch a lot of them, even in the winter months when it is harder to find them.

The giant trevally has been known to feed on the eggs and young of other kinds of fish. The trevally is known to eat salmon eggs and small fry as well as sucking up other kinds of fish, especially salmon.

They are not only known to eat small fry, though, but they are also quite likely to eat the eggs of larger trout. It’s not unusual for them to eat a full-grown male trout when they have been feeding on their young. However, most of the time, they prefer to just eat the eggs of smaller fish, although there have been some cases where they have eaten salmon eggs as well.

Use Other Fish As Bait

For this reason, you don’t need to go out and buy the largest fish you can find. You should instead, choose a smaller fish that will fit easily into your tackle box. If the fish is large, then it may be difficult for you to keep it on your hook and at the same time keep it from being drawn onto the reel. You can also check out giant trevally lures at your nearest tackle store.

When it comes to fishing for trevally, one of the best methods is to make sure that you have a good quality fly fishing bait. Trevally will be more likely to eat anything that you use as a lure. In fact, you will probably get better results by choosing the same type of bait that you normally use on other types of fish.

Female Vs. Male Trevallies

Although they are very similar in appearance, they are quite different in behavior, and the female trevallies grow to a larger size than their male counterparts. If you choose to catch the smaller ones, you will do very well. However, you should make sure that you have a large enough line to handle them before getting them too close to your trevallies, so that they don’t try to feed on them.

Some female trevallies can be very aggressive and you’ll need to make sure that you are aware of them and that they aren’t too close to your trevallies. It can be very difficult to keep them at bay. Also, they tend to jump into the water and attack the other trevallies if you don’t have the right tackle.

Male trevallies are quite the opposite. They can be very quiet and will generally be shy around females. This is a good sign that you need to move to another area for the fish you want to catch, but you should be able to get a few bites from males in different areas. Check out articles available online for more information on how to identify a giant trevally.

Where To Find Them

In summer time they are a lot easier to find. Most of them are out in the open where you can find them. However, if they don’t show up right away then you should try looking in the weeds and underneath the rocks. Keep a flashlight next to you when you are out hunting for Trevally. This helps you find them in low lighting areas. Also, if you have a camera you can use it to help you locate them.

Catching Them

Trevallies are very resilient creatures, so don’t expect them to go down easily. Just try and keep the line as close to your finger as possible, because that is usually where they tend to swim better.

Another thing you need to remember, is that they will usually fight for a piece of food or for something to eat while they are fishing. So if you are trying to catch a ton of them, make sure they have something to fight for. Once they get tired, they will stop fighting and walk off.

A great tip is to make a big hole on one side of the lake, and set up a trebuchet so that you can shoot the fish from far away. You can either have one big hole or two small holes.

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