Mixing Diamond Cuts – What You Need To Know

Mixing Diamond Cuts – What You Need To Know

If you are planning to pop the question to your soulmate, acquiring the right diamond engagement ring can seem like a daunting prospect and with a piece of jewellery that has multiple diamonds, there are many variables with the cut. You might think the obvious choice is for all the diamonds to have the same cut, yet this offers a golden opportunity to mix diamond cuts for a unique effect.

Symmetry Is Everything

When designing diamond jewellery, symmetry is crucial and this can be achieved using a mix of cuts; take a 3-stone design with a large central diamond with a smaller stone on each side, the two smaller stones should have the same cut, while the central diamond can be of a different cut to maximise the sparkle and complete symmetry. Oval and pear are two obvious choices for a symmetrical pairing; you can discuss the design with the custom jeweller, who can show you many fine images of his work to give you some inspiration.

Same Shape – Different Cut

Having two diamonds with the same shape, you can choose two different cuts; why not approach a custom jeweller who can acquire champagne diamond engagement rings and providechampagne diamond price per carat at a reasonable amount. The expert can advise you regarding cuts and settings. As you probably know, diamonds are quality graded using the 4C method; namely, colour, clarity, cut and carat and it is the cut that most impacts the brilliance. There are numerous cut grades, ranging from poor to excellent and in order to get the most sparkle for your dollars, you should consult the expert, the custom jeweller.

The Halo Setting

With a large central diamond that is surrounded by pave stones, you should choose a different cut for the halo diamonds than the one on the central stone. Choose a cut that enhances the sparkle of the surrounding stones and you have a stunning arrangement, which will be truly a one-off, which is fitting for an engagement ring. Clear diamonds with a high cut grade is the best way to generate brilliance, while champagne or pink surrounding stones also work.

Cushion Cut Central – Round Cut Halo

Probably the best diamond cut combination is a central stone that is cushion cut, with small pave diamonds with a round cut. This maximises the sparkle and gives the impression of a larger central stone, while both cuts complement each other for an engagement ring that surpasses your expectations.

Online Solutions

If you would like to create the ultimate diamond engagement ring with a cut combination, there are master jewellers who turn their clients’ vision into reality and contrary to what you might think, bespoke jewellery is affordable; the raw stones are acquired at wholesale prices from an exclusive Argyle marketplace.

The client gives the artist the information he needs to create the perfect ring design and if max sparkle is your goal, a cut combination is the way to go. Talk to an award-winning bespoke jeweller and with your budget in mind, the professional can work his magic and when the final design is approved, the work can begin.

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