How To Maximise Small Bathroom Spaces With Colour

How To Maximise Small Bathroom Spaces With Colour

If you are unfortunate to have a small bathroom, all is not lost and with some clever design moves and the right use of colour, you can make the space seem more spacious. If you want the best results, you should call in a bathroom renovation contractor, one with considerable hands-on experience; their design team can work their magic to maximise the space.

Subtle Colour Contrast

When choosing 2 or 3 main colours, try to create a subtle contrast, using a darker shade in recesses and shadow areas. For some design inspiration, Google can bring you engaging articles on home improvement websites, which might give you an insight into colour selection. When you make contact with a bathroom designer, he or she would be able to create 3D images using any colours, which really helps you to make the right colour choices.

Pale Shades

White or light shades are best used in a small bathroom; ask any of the designers at the Sunbury bathroom showroom, if you are a resident of the area, or search online through Google for experts near you. They will gladly affirm that lighter colours make a space seem larger than it actually is. Soft pastel shades are ideal for a bathroom and clever use of mirrors can also make a room seem more spacious.

Light Blues & Greens

Either blue or green can be used to project a space to look larger; when talking to a bathroom renovator, mention that you have a preference for these shades and they can create a few images. Of course, you can use colour cards in the bathroom to check for colour suitability, and the renovation company are always happy to advise you on any aspect of bathroom design.

Yellow & Beige

Another popular colour combination, primrose yellow goes well with any shade of beige or light brown, which can come from pine furniture, architrave and skirting. Make sure that the majority of surface space is yellow, with the beige being used sparingly. This should create a warm and inviting ambience.

Focus On Reflection

Mirrors angled to pick up the natural light coming in through the windows will certainly brighten up the room and during daylight hours, the room will seem larger than it is. If you don’t want more than one mirror in the bathroom, mirrored tiles are ideal; simply place a rectangular arrangement on the opposite wall to the window.

White As The Base Colour

This is a popular choice, with pale colours like light blues or greens mixed in; white is an obvious choice as a background colour for the bathroom, as it looks clean and hygienic. White ceramic tiles are, of course, a favourite, with perhaps one other colour to create a pattern. Take your time looking at colour options and the bathroom designer has a wealth of experience and can help you find the right shades.

Talking to an experienced bathroom designer is the best way forward; an online search will bring up a list of Surrey-based bathroom renovation companies, and you can browse websites and ask several to create a design based on your preferences and quote for the project.

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