The Copper Supply Chain & Everything That You Need To Know

The Copper Supply Chain & Everything That You Need To Know

If you aren’t aware of it already, you should know that copper surrounds you every single day of your life and it can be found in your home, in your workplace and even in your car. A lot happens before this copper ends up in the various products that surround us every single day and there is a specific industry that needs to mine, refine and then transport all of this copper all over the world. Copper is a mineral that we find in the earth’s crust but unfortunately, it wasn’t evenly distributed throughout the world, and so there are certain parts of the globe that have a lot more than others.

Many people do not know that the country of Chile is the main source of copper for the world and China is one of the leading importers and exporters of refined copper. The unfortunate thing is that the mining industry has exploited copper deposits to the point where the quality of the ore is on the decline. This is why you see numerous merchants offering top Sydney scrap copper prices. Scrap dealers in other areas also offer top dollar for this particular type of metal because it is coming to the point where copper may be low in supply. This is why you should always take your scrap copper to your local recycling yard because it benefits the world in the following ways.

It’s Better For The Environment

By recycling all of your copper and getting it disposed of in the proper way, you’re doing your bit to reduce your overall carbon footprint and also do what’s best for the world’s environment as well. If we recycle more copper, then there will be no need to mine as much and so this will help with global warming.

It Is The Responsible Thing To Do

There are many dodgy scrap metal merchants out there who will buy your scrap copper from you and will not offer you the market price or even lower. They will also not follow the correct procedures that are needed to make sure that the recycling process follows all legal guidelines. This is why you should make sure to go only to a reputable scrap dealer or scrap yard.

It Helps With The Supply Chain

Being reliant on one particular country to provide us with copper needs is not conducive to good business and it helps to drive up the prices. The more people recycle copper and the more people that take it to the local recycling yards, the better it will be for the copper market and it will also help to keep prices low. The demand for copper is not diminishing and so it is likely that there is going to be a deficiency in the copper market over the coming years. The growth of electric vehicles is contributing to this, as well as other natural events like earthquakes. Copper production is expected to rise by up to 6% by the year 2030, and so we all need to do our bit to recycle any copper that we have and to bring it to our local recycling scrap yard.

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