Personality Traits For A Ruby Ring

Personality Traits For A Ruby Ring

There is something exotic about a deep red ruby gemstone and some women seem to be drawn to this rare precious stone. Of course, we are all unique in so many ways and here are a few personality traits that are attracted to the ruby gemstone.

Powerful Energy People

Some people seem to have an inner energy that affects those around them; usually healers or artists and spirituality is strong. This is the kind of person that is a giver rather than a receiver, someone who offers unconditional support; managerial skills come into play. A powerful woman is drawn to the ruby, as she has an abundance of positive energy that is associated with this gemstone. In many cultures, the ruby represents positive energy and the wearer would feel protected and can draw from the energy of the stone.

Mysterious & Sexy

Deep red is definitely her colour and when you see the stunning range of unique ruby engagement rings from Ringleaders or from a leading jeweller in your area, you understand the attraction. What better symbol of romantic love than a huge red ruby engagement ring? While diamonds might still be a girl’s best friend, more women are choosing the ruby gemstone for their engagement ring; the best stones come from Myanmar, formerly Burma and along the Thai/Burma border there are gem dealers looking for high quality rubies. Rubies are found right here in Australia and by consulting a custom jeweller in Brisbane, you can choose the ultimate ruby for your engagement ring.

Self-Confident Go-Getter

We all know at least one woman who knows exactly what she wants and always achieves her ambitions. She might be somewhat mysterious and playful and she has the heart of a lion. Red is a natural fire colour and wearing a red ruby engagement ring is a perfect statement.

Loyal & Dependable

The homely sort who is an absolute rock and is always there for her family is automatically attracted to the ruby gemstone. When you commission a custom jeweller with a view to creating a stunning ruby engagement ring, the jeweller has access to raw, uncut rubies and you get to choose the cut.

The Extrovert

The woman who loves to be the centre of attraction is always drawn to the deep red glow of a stunning ruby and with a custom jeweller, she can wear a statement piece ruby engagement ring with pride. The ruby has a hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale and aside from Thailand and Myanmar, there are findings in Cambodia and Afghanistan.

Custom Made Ruby Engagement Rings

More and more women are turning to custom engagement rings and who could blame them? If you are going to wear a ring all the time, it should be one that you designed, plus it is a symbol of your undying love. The jeweller has many fine images of rubies and he has access to wholesale stones to suit every budget. His aim is to turn your concept into reality and with a set budget and your input, the perfect ruby engagement ring awaits.

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