Interesting Facts About Couriers You Probably Do Not Know

Interesting Facts About Couriers You Probably Do Not Know

Courier services are something many of us take for granted, and we send and receive parcels without thinking about the journey the package has undergone. Courier services have been around for a long time, and there is a lot of history that many people are not aware of, and some of it is very interesting. Below are some facts about couriers that you probably do not know that will open your eyes to this service and its history.

The Marathon Comes From Couriers

The original marathon, which is over 26 miles long, comes from a courier in Greece. Pheidippides was a courier and ran from Marathon to Athens to let everyone know that Greece had been victorious against the Persians. He is also known for running over 150 miles to request help from Sparta in around two days. However, if you want a parcel delivered quickly, a courier taxi truck Melbourne or in the city where you’re based can cover this distance in a few hours today.

The First Courier Service Is Over 2000 Years Old

The first courier service was designed to take messages throughout the kingdom of Persia. It was set up around 400 BC by Prince Cyrus The Younger, and he gathered homing pigeons, runners, and men on horseback to deliver messages around the kingdom.

The DHL Name

DHL is a name many people recognise as it is one of the biggest courier companies in the world. However, many people do not know what DHL stands for, founded by Germans in 1969 in California. It is not a random selection of letters, and the initials stand for Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn, the company’s three founders.

The Largest Courier Company In The World

The largest courier company globally is UPS (United Parcel Service), which was founded in 1907 by two boys called Claude Ryan and Jim Casey. The company was initially called the American Messenger Company, and they took a $100 loan and started delivering parcels and mail in Seattle from a basement. In those days, most deliveries were made by foot or by bicycle. A much quicker delivery method would be to use Melbourne transport services or those courier services in your area to deliver your packages quickly and on time.

The Pony Express Wanted To Employ Orphans

When the Pony Express was set up at the start of the civil war in America, it was a hard and dangerous job. It drastically reduced the time it took mail to get from coast to coast, with packages being delivered within ten days. Adverts for positions with the company ask for skinny and wiry boys no older than 18, preferably orphans. They needed to be expert riders and willing to risk their death almost daily to ensure the deliveries got through.

Being A Courier Can Be Hard Work

Even today, being a courier can be hard work, and many people working for B2B courier companies can expect to deliver between 150 and 200 parcels a day. If you love to travel and meet new people, this may be the perfect job for you, and quality courier drivers are always in high demand.

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