EVERYONE Should Go To A Therapist Sometimes And Here’s Why

Therapy isn’t just for the people who are unfortunate enough to be mentally ill or even traumatised. Therapy is for everyone because it is when you get to clean all the contents in your brain. Liken it to us humans needing to clean our rooms every once in a while. Our brains are already so full of a millions things running all at the same time. Some get stuck in dark corners and you need to clean that up. And the only way we can do that is by going to see a professional.

If you need more reasons why everyone should go see a therapist every now and then, just scroll down.

Everyone has issues and concerns that need to be literally spoken out loud

Keeping something in for as long as we all have will not only make us feel miserable and frustrated, but it would also make us unproductive in some cases. We all have some very nasty things that need to be aired out and that includes what has been festering in our brain. Talking about it to someone who is PAID to listen to you and give some advice is nothing short of cathartic. Imagine having to vent every month or even week. You’ll be all sunshine and smiles in between the sessions just because you don’t have much pent-up rage and thoughts in you. Sure, it isn’t a guarantee because it differs with everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to have these sessions, you know?

It’s better for those around you

It is VERY much encouraged to tell your friends and family about your problems and issues. They’re you loved ones after all. But there is only so much that mum can take, huh? As much as it pains me to say this, they have their own problems too. They are sick with worry regarding you so you should lessen the burden just a bit. Go to a therapist that is paid to listen to your problems. Tell your loved ones that you are doing so. They need to know that you are also working on bettering yourself on your own. They will always be worried, sure (family, after all, is made to make us miserable and happy at the same time) but at least the weight is less for them now, right?

It helps us compartmentalise

No, not repress. That is the opposite of what we are trying to convey here. When you are regularly going to a therapist, your mind is not only a lot cleaner and stress-free, but also everything is put in their places where you can healthily get to them in the right moment in time. Your brain will start to get used to it too. It will then designate a time during your sessions and name it “okay, time to talk about my feelings for next hour or two”. That way, you won’t have to be too stressed outside of that.

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