5 Signs It Is Time To Install Electric Gates On Your Property

Every property needs security, and the perimeter fencing and front gates are an integral part of that protection. Much like every other aspect of the property, your gates will require maintenance, and eventually, you will reach a point when replacing your entrance gates is a more attractive proposition than a repaint. Here are a few signs that point to replacing your gates, and if you are going to do that, a motorised solution is the best idea.

Your Gates Stand Out for the Wrong Reasons

If everything else at the front of your property looks nice, this will make the gates stand out a bit like a sore thumb, and even with a new coat of paint, it could that your gates are simply at the end of their lifespan and should be replaced. Every electric gates installation is unique, therefore the gates should be designed by an expert, who can also handle the installation, and with a choice of styles, materials and finishes, there is bound to be a design that works for you. If you’re looking at how much it would cost, you may check the automatic gates cost guide at The UK Electric Gate Co.

Locking Issues

If the locks on your front gates have finally succumbed to many years of awful weather, rather than replacing the locks, it might be better to do away with the gates altogether and replace them with an electric solution that is designed with your needs in mind. Home security is important and if your main gates do not lock, you are leaving yourself open to house burglars.

Other People Mention the Gating

It might be your partner, or one of the neighbours, and if someone does make a comment about your gates, this would be a time to consider replacing them with stylish and functional electric sliding gates. If you search online for an established electric gate supplier, they would be happy to pay you a home visit, when you can discuss the many design options, plus they can quote for the project.


If you are accepted a career change and have to relocate, the front elevation of your property needs to look good, otherwise people will not wish to go inside and view the interior. A set of custom-made electric gates will be a major feature of your home, and this might be enough to persuade a potential buyer that this is the house for them.

Local Robberies

If a series of home break-ins have been reported in your area, there’s no better deterrent than having electric gates installed. Any would-be intruder would encounter security before they even entered the home, and this would probably be deterrent enough for the thief to look elsewhere.

There are a few companies that specialise in bespoke residential fencing and gating, and an online search will help you to locate such a supplier, and they can create the right design and carry out a professional installation to a very high standard.

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