How To Create A Safe Farm Work Environment

How To Create A Safe Farm Work Environment

Farming is one of the most important industries that feeds the world and without small, medium and large farms, there would be a global shortage of food. There’s nothing quite like working in a farm, that close connection with nature grounds you, yet there are a lot of dangers lurking in a farm environment.

Here are a few health & safety tips for the farm workplace.

Worker Training

All your employees should be taught about the many chemicals they encounter, while manual handling is a course to arrange, which reduces the risk of back injury due to heavy lifting. In the event there was an accident, do your staff know what to do? You should have a crisis management plan in place and each worker should know their role.

The Importance Of PPE

All workers should have access to PPE and be schooled in correct use. When you approach consultants for occupational health and safety for farm workers, they can guide you on what needs to be done before a needs assessment and afterwards put forward a proposal that incorporates all aspects of safety in the workplace. Bulk ordering is cheaper and the HR agency will ensure that you never run out of essential PPE. Farm workers need to wear suitable clothing, especially footwear and if you notice an employee unsuitable dressed, you should mention this. Goggles, gloves and hard hats should be in certain locations.

Make Good Use Of Signage

People need to be reminded of safety practices and a few well-placed signs will ensure that everyone keeps safety at the forefront of their mind. If you are not sure about what signage you need, this is something the HR agency can handle. They would carry out an on-site needs assessment and that would lead to the correct signage.

Staff Meetings

We don’t recommend calling a specific meeting for safety as a topic, rather you can add on 30 minutes at the end of the weekly gathering to talk about safety in the workplace. There might be safety issues that workers bring to light and with their input, you can create a safer working environment. Talk to a leading HR agency like Avensure, who work in the farming sector and let them use their wealth of hands-on experience.

Equipment Maintenance

Faulty machinery is dangerous and you should adhere to the manufacturer’s service guidelines. Find a local mechanic and outsource all machinery servicing, which means the equipment is always ready to work and it is safe. Those who work with the machinery should fully understand how to operate it and always keep safety in mind.

The risk of injury is high, which is all the more reason to enlist the help of a specialist agency, as the experts can carry out a needs assessment and put together an implementation plan. Your employees are the most valuable asset you have and with the right HR agency in your corner, you will always be compliant with the complex labour laws.

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