Mistakes You Want To Avoid When Remodelling Your Bathroom

Mistakes You Want To Avoid When Remodelling Your Bathroom

When you are looking to remodel your bathroom, you will want to take your time planning its design. People often make some common mistakes when giving their bathroom a makeover, and you will want to do your best to avoid these. You will need to create a functional and welcoming bathroom suitable for family use and guests.

Below are some of the mistakes you will want to avoid and ensure you make the ideal bathroom for your home, which looks fantastic but is also practical.

Spending Too Much Money

A common mistake many people make when remodelling their bathrooms is spending too much money. They often get features and items that they hardly ever use, and if they had not bothered, and had instead first approached a specialist at a reputable Surrey bath store or their neighbouring stores, it could have saved them a significant amount of money. If you consider getting things such as a bidet that you know you will hardly use, it is best not to get them at all, save some money, and give yourself extra space.

Not Having A Window

It is not always possible to have a window in your bathroom, but if it is, you will want to ensure you have one of a decent size. Your bathroom can get warm and humid, which is the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew, and to help prevent this from forming you will need to ensure it is well-ventilated. If you cannot have a window in your bathroom, ensure you have a decent extractor fan to help reduce the humidity and get rid of any smells.

Not Enough Storage

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People also tend to forget about storage in the bathroom and only consider this before it is too late. Not having adequate storage in your bathroom often means that it has a lot of clutter, and no matter what you do, it looks untidy. You can consult a bath showroom Staines specialist or visit any of the showrooms in the country where you live for storage solutions they have that you can consider including in your bathroom design. Make sure you have enough space for everything in our bathroom, and it will help keep it clean, tidy, and clutter-free.

Choosing Form Over Function

People will often make the mistake of choosing things for their bathroom that look fantastic, but they do not function well. Your bathroom must be a practical space, so you should always choose function over form. It is much better to compromise on the way things look, so they work correctly than having something that looks great but does not work.

Poor Lighting

You will need to ensure that your bathroom design incorporates adequate lighting, which many people negate to do. Having sufficient lighting in your bathroom is essential, and it is something that you should have in your plans early to ensure you have enough light. You will want to go for LED lighting, which costs a little more, but the bulbs last longer and use less power so that they will pay for themselves in not too much time. You can also get lights that can change colour, making a relaxing environment when having a bath.

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