Pre-Transport Goods Checklist

In this short article, we offer the business owner useful information about preparing a shipment for transportation.

When a customer places an order, this starts a chain of processes that ends with the customer receiving the goods at their home address and transporting goods demands the right preparation. Damage can easily occur if the load is not packed or tied correctly.

Here’s a list of things to do before you transport your goods.

Double-Check The Order

This would be the final check prior to the goods leaving your facility. Many businesses make good use of barcodes, which saves time and money. Whatever your system, you need to check that: a) the order is correct, b) the address of the recipient is correct and clearly visible, and c) the goods are packed correctly. This is the last chance to make sure that everything is correct before the shipment goes out and QC would have someone present at this point.

Contact Your Logistics Provider

If you use a 3PL warehouse Brisbane or your city uses, let them know the consignment is ready and they will collect the goods and deliver them in a timely manner. There are many benefits to using a 3PL outfit; they have the resources to ensure same-day delivery and costs are much lower than in-house. What is the ideal logistics partner? A company that can professionally deliver your products for an affordable cost, which is why 3PL warehousing is such a busy sector, servicing e-commerce and other industries. Order fulfillment is critical for e-commerce businesses and by using a 3PL provider, order fulfillment is handled by professionals.

Correct Paperwork

This is only applicable if you are using paper for documentation. A leading 3PL warehouse would use barcode scanning to receive and deliver goods. Of course, the driver would sign that they received the goods and they would secure the consignment (if necessary). Most businesses use scanning technology to keep a check on their inventory and it won’t be long before every organisation adopts this digital solution.

Inform The Customer

If you are using a 3PL company, they can tell you the precise time of delivery and you can inform the customer accordingly with same day delivery Brisbane or your location has on offer, your customers will be impressed. Parcel tracking means customers can go online, paste their package code into a search window and find out where your package is currently located. GPS technology has revolutionised the logistics industry and if your business isn’t taking advantage of that, this should be a priority.


Image Source: Pexels

The packing should be suitable for the type of goods you are moving and you need to make sure the carrier knows if there are any extra care instructions. The ultimate aim is for the customer to receive the goods in perfect condition, therefore packing is crucial and with professional logistics handling, your goods are in good hands.

If you have an efficient system in place, your consignments will be professionally handled and will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

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