Should You Sell Or Scrap Old Appliances?

Should You Sell Or Scrap Old Appliances?

Despite the best care and attention, our home appliances eventually give up the ghost; your electric cooker might be repairable for a while and your fridge’s compressor will one day give it up. You can expect a lifespan of between 5-15 years for a kitchen appliance and when you have to invest in a new appliance, what to do with the old one, sell it or scrap it?

We outline both options to help you make the right decision.

Selling To A Recycler

Selling an old domestic appliance could be a good idea when you look at copper recycling prices in Sydney or in your city, plus the firm would send someone out to collect the appliance. Regarding disposal, the appliance would be stripped down and 90% recycled.

The list of sellable appliances include:

  • Gas & electric cookers
  • Microwaves
  • Freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines

In these times, we should all be recycling what we can and all it takes to source a copper recycling company is a Google search.


This is the most valuable metal to be found in a domestic appliance and how much would depend on the appliance. Copper recycling is a booming sector and if you have a mountain of old copper wire, it could be worth a fair bit. While copper is still mined, the demand is high and this metal can be found in many items and technology has empowered us to carry out more efficient recycling.

Scrap Metal Dealers

These days, the only way to scrap an old cooker or fridge is to call a local scrap metal dealer who accepts household appliances, such as the cash for scrap metal Newcastle company offers. They will come and collect the appliance and pay you in good old dollars. It is possible that some components can be reused, while the remainder would be separated into various metals then recycled. If you are based outside England, you can find a scrap metal dealer near you by searching through Google.

Take It To The Tip

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This is the only other option, which involves booking your slot, plus, you’ll have to check whether or not they accept what you wish to dump. What happens to the appliance? It probably gets recycled, just as if you called the recycler, which means that is likely the best option and you only have to make a call.

Some people are hoarders and if you have old stuff on your property, make a list and check online as to its value and you might be pleasantly surprised. We need to recycle as much as we can, as the planet’s resources dwindle; close to 8 billion people require clothing, shelter, transportation and many devices to help them in life and the materials for this come from Mother Earth. For too many years, we have plundered the resources we have, with little or no thought for the future and now is the time to start to redress this imbalance.

Recycling can begin at home and there are recyclers that will collect the scrap and pay you cash for doing so.

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