What To Consider When Purchasing Aquamarine Gems

What To Consider When Purchasing Aquamarine Gems

Aquamarine gemstones are beautiful when you use them in jewellery, and they are a popular option for many people. When you think about purchasing these gorgeous blue gemstones, there are many factors you will need to consider first. It is an excellent idea to research these gems before you go shopping for them, so you know what to look for and choose the highest quality gems you can afford. In this article, you will learn about some of the factors you will need to consider which can help you increase your knowledge and ensure you buy quality aquamarine gems.

Buy Raw Gems Or Polished Ones?

When you are going to be using aquamarine for jewellery and have something custom-made by hand, you will need to consider whether you get polished or raw gemstones. The unpolished gemstones will be cheaper, but you will have to pay to have them cut and polished, so the difference in price works out to be similar. You can purchase both polished and raw aquamarine gemstones from Certified Diamond Network, so both options are readily available.

The Highest Quality Gems

When you choose aquamarine for your bespoke jewellery, you will want to ensure that you get the highest quality gemstones possible. There are many places worldwide where you can get beautiful aquamarine gems, such as:

  • Brazil
  • Madagascar
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Russia
  • India

These are a few of the various places where you can find these beautiful blue gemstones, but the best ones are considered to come from Brazil. Look at the origin of the stones before you purchase them, and ensure you select ethical gemstones that come from a conflict-free source.

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Look At The Colour

You will notice that aquamarines come in various shades of blue and blueish green, and you will want to select a gem with an even colour distribution. You will want to find a clear stone and does not have any inclusions or imperfections if you can. These types of gems will be more expensive, but they will look fantastic when set in jewellery.

Select A Robust Setting For The Gems

You will also want to ensure you select a robust aquamarine setting, and it needs to hold them securely in place without damaging them. Aquamarine is not as hard as diamonds or sapphires and scores an eight on the Mohs scale. If the gems are set in jewellery that you will wear every day, you need to ensure it is a practical setting that will not get caught on things and potentially damage the jewellery or the gemstone.

Getting The Best Value For Money

If you want to try and ensure you get the best value for money possible, you will want to get as large an aquamarine as you can afford. Aquamarines that are clear and suitable for jewellery are relatively common, and unlike other gemstones, they do not increase in value per carat as other gems do. As such, you will want to get the biggest aquamarine you can afford, and you will help to ensure you maximise your value for money.

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